News / Concacaf W and the development of Women’s Football in Curaçao
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Concacaf W and the development of Women’s Football in Curaçao

Women’s football is the world’s fastest growing sport, and has made an exponential impact in the sports industry. In its centennial year, FFK has pledged to create an infrastructure where girls and women can thrive in all areas of football. FFK strives to engage women of all ages and is now working on a major strategic plan specifically tailored to the women’s game on our island. Curacao football is united, and the opportunity to put Curacao on the world’s global stage will be offered to all wishing to play from grassroots to the senior women’s national teams.

Our Women’s youth and senior teams will be participating on a bigger scale for the first time, thanks to Concacaf and FIFA’s renewed commitment to help develop the sport. For the first time in the history of Curacao, we will have a women’s national team competing on an “A” senior level.

Concacaf W

Since the launch of Concacaf W, the infrastructure of women’s football in the Caribbean has been provided with new opportunities. Starting with the structure of a new senior women’s national teams football calendar. New centralized summer tournaments in 2022 and 2024 were announced, and Curacao is setting up to compete at the highest level for the first time in history.

The new calendar prioritizes more official match dates for Curacao. These matches will give the women in Curacao opportunities and visibility that further helps FFK grow the games. It will also allow FFK to showcase our talent and develop pathways for girls and women in all areas of football.