News / A letter to my fellow Yu di Kòrsou
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A letter to my fellow Yu di Kòrsou

My fellow Yu di Kòrsou,

As I sit here writing you this letter, I realize how incredibly thankful I am to be part of this journey. Our journey, that we started together, and now will continue together.

There is a power to our story, fuelled to its core by the love we share for our country, and the honor we have of representing this crest on our chest.  I know how hard you work for this. The blood, sweat and tears. We sacrifice, to thrive. And no matter how hard it gets, we push forward.

As a family, as a country, as one.

From the day you put on this jersey and joined this team, you became a part of me and I became a part of you, we joined as individuals, but we continue as a collective. We stand together, we fall together and we rise together. Never alone, a united front.

I need you to understand what this means for all of us. I am confident that we are heading in the right direction towards our ultimate goal – Curacao’s first World Cup.

We will make our mark on the global football map. Our country is small, but our fight is big. We are eager, we are disciplined, we are hungry and we are one. We are United.

I write you today not just as your head coach, but as your fellow countryman. From now on, for us to succeed, you will no longer be just you, but part of the we.

We will prevail, we will fight, we will unite.
We will represent our dushi Kòrsou.

We are united, now more than ever. 

And we are ready.

Ban marka historia,

Di kurason,


Patrick Kluivert